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Genuine Maori Cuisine 
Mission Statement

To Revive, Preserve and Promote Pre-European  
Genuine Maori Cuisine Practices


Our  New Zealand 
Historical Maori Food Culture

Contents include methods used in Pre-European times by Maori for example the foods gathered, prepared, cooked and served. hunting methods used, agriculture, horticulture, fishing, snaring methods used, and basic daily activities Maori lived in a typical home based Marae lifestyle situation


Indepth research has been an ongoing venture utilizing libraries, museums, universities, city council libraries, our esteemed elderly folk who have first hand knowledge in this area, a huge resource base that they can confirm what was available in their area in their childhood. This website is the result of our work and research and will evolve as more and more people become involved. Nga Mihi

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Why have this website?

To Ensure our Maori Food Culture is never lost or Forgotten 

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  Appreciation and thanks is extended to all those who have made this huge task possible in its compilation and establishment. I acknowledge talented chefs from around the world, whanau, iwi, iwi corporations, iwi organizations, companies and hapu who have gave and or assisted with the thousands of hours spent researching, gathering, proof reading and finding the right information for our ongoing project and personal venture


Free Member Sign Up and Visit our Video and Audio Library. In the past Maori were trained on the Marae by participation and following the lead of others. Very little was written down then and very little is written down here. 
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Maori, food and thier connections to nature

We share our unique knowledge and expertise to demonstrate our Maori food culture surviving a 1000 years on a healthy primative diet until 1780. 

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